August 5, 2002

New firewall free for home use

FN-Eagle writes: " Astaro AG offers a new integrated software solution that
provides superior performance in an all-in-one firewall."

Its hardened operating system, stateful packet inspection,
content filtering (virus & surf protection), application
proxies and IPsec based VPN provides a powerful solution to todays
security issues. The new version 3.2 is now ready for a download.

The user interface allows ease use and manageability of all Open
Source Firewall components, as well as the Up2Date service via
the Internet. Take a look at the intuitive management tool with a
online demo.
User: admin Password:admin

Astaro Security Linux is one of the safest and one of the most
popular Firewalls on the market. This innovative solution is
based on the most secure Open Source software developed by
leading specialists and accepted worldwide as the most secure

Astaro Security Linux is free for Home Use

Private home users can register via Astaro's registration portal
to request a free home use license. Also the Virus Protection and
Surf Protection option can be obtained at a reduced price for the
home use-version.


  • Hassle free secure user access to the internet utilizing
    a robust stateful packet inspection firewall
  • Application level security using SMTP, HTTP, DNS and
    SOCKS proxies
  • Email virus protection
    inbound and outbound
  • Surf Protection/URL Content Filtering helps prevent
    access to undesired Internet sites
  • Improved network performance (up to 50%) through built-in
    caching support to frequently accessed web sites.
  • VPN access by authenticated remote users to your network
    LAN to LAN or remote client to LAN
  • Highest level of encryption
    168 bit 3DES
  • High Availability utilizing primary and hot-standby
    concepts for non-stop 24x7 operations
  • Load Balancing for achieving optimal traffic distribution
    and loading of target resources
  • Quality of Service/Bandwidth management to prioritize
  • PPPoE support for integration with DSL devices and able
  • Integrated internet traffic monitoring and reporting
    tools. Instant email notification of alert issues.
  • Local & remote system management, monitoring (via
    SNMP or Syslog) and alert notification
  • Protection against the atest security risks through our
    Up2Date service which automatically updates
    the firewall against the latest security risks.
  • Secure browser based HTTPS access

Hardware Requirements (minimum):

  • Pentium Class > 300 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 4 GB IDE HD
  • 2 PCI-NICs (for testing, 1 is enough)

More Information,
Screenshots and Downloads.


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