New, Free Training Course Covering Basics of the WebAssembly Now Available


Introduction to WebAssembly is the newest training course from The Linux Foundation! This course, offered on the non-profit edX learning platform, can be audited by anyone at no cost. The course is designed for web developers, Dweb, cloud, and blockchain developers, architects, and CTOs interested in learning about the strengths and limitations of WebAssembly, the fourth “official” language of the web (alongside JavaScript, HTML and CSS), and its potential applications in blockchain, serverless, edge/IoT, and more. WebAssembly has been rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its security, simplicity and the lightweight nature of the runtime. It is also language-agnostic, being a suitable compilation target for a wide range of modern languages.

The six hour course uses video content, written material and hands-on labs to delve into how WebAssembly runs ‘under the hood’, and how you can leverage its capabilities in and beyond the browser. It also explores a series of potential applications in different industries, and takes a quick peek at upcoming features. Enrollees will walk away from the course with an understanding of what the WebAssembly runtime is, and how it provides a secure, fast and efficient compilation target for a wide range of modern programming languages, allowing them to target the browser and beyond. 

The course was developed by Colin Eberhardt, the Technology Director at Scott Logic, a UK-based software consultancy which creates complex applications for financial services clients. Colin is an avid technology enthusiast, spending his evenings contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts and learning as much as he can.

“WebAssembly is one of the most exciting technologies I have come across for years,” said Eberhard. “Its initial promise was a fast and efficient multi-language runtime for the web, but it has the potential to be so much more. We are already seeing this runtime being used for numerous applications beyond the browser, including serverless and blockchain, with more novel uses and applications appearing each week!”

The course is available for immediate enrollment. Those requiring a verified certificate of completion may upgrade their enrollment for $149. Start gaining skills in WebAssembly today!

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