May 15, 2007

New free Unix online books published.

automan88 writes "We had published new free online books about Unix, Linux.

Here is some links and descriptions:

Fedora Linux
"Neither a "Starting Linux" book nor a dry reference manual, this book has a lot to offer to those coming to Fedora from other operating systems or distros." -- Behdad Esfahbod, Fedora developer This book will get you up to speed quickly...;

Ubuntu Hacks
The Ubuntu distribution simplifies Linux by providing a sensible collection of applications, an easy-to-use package manager, and lots of fine-tuning, which make it possibly the best Linux for desktops and laptops. Readers of both Linux Journal and TU...;
Linux for Dummies
Linux for Dummies;

Linux Shell Scripting
Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial;

Other free online books you can find at the parent directory of our site."


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