February 12, 2001

New German Linux portal

Author: JT Smith

Maurice Renck writes "On February the 11th 2001 the german linuxportal has gone online. The portal unites five german linuxsites and does also offer other special features. The portal is going to be extended more and more so that it will be a central meeting point
for linuxuser, or those who want to become it."
PlanetPenguin is a union of five german linuxpages.

Apps4linux.org offers a great amount sofwareinformations and links in its database. The homepage starts its services together with PlanetPenguin. Users have the possibility to creat accounts and add softwareinformations and links.

Holarse.de is a german gamingsite. It does not only offer reports of linuxgames, it also offers information about emulators, or the newest graficdrivers etc.

Linux4us.org is a site offering news and informations. You will find informations to certain linuxtopics, or certain interviews. The site offers a view at the linuxszene.

LinuxForce.de wants you to diskuss certain linuxtopics. You can find comments to actuall linuxevents, and are able to discuss them on a bulletin-board.

LinuxSys.de is a meeting point for professional linuxuser. There are not only many howtos, you can find detailed
informations of the most popular distributions, too. The site offers a lot of discussion-boards, which are the main part
of the site.

PlanetPenguin unions a wide field of linuxtopics. A lot of features can be found on each of the membersites, so that the users are able to find more and more informations to one topic, without using a searchengine.

PlanetPenguin offers some special features: The webmasters will comment a linuxevent every month.To union the community a IRC-network has been set up. There you will have the possibility to register channels etc.
The Server-addresses can be found on each membersite, or on the portalsite www.planetpenguin.org."


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