May 22, 2008

A New Goal for Open Source

The attacking left forward fakes his body to the left as he gracefully slides to the right around his opponent. Dribbling carefully into position, he sizes up the Australian goalie, who, he recalls, tends to play a little aggressively to one side, especially in that last match against Italy. An opposing fullback closes in and the forward ducks the move, falling back slightly and eyeing the goalieââ¬â¢s stance. Finally he sees his chance as the goalie shifts his weight ââ¬â the forward takes the shot ââ¬â he scores! The world championship is won by the challengers! The crowd goes wildââ¬Â¦the photographersââ¬â¢ bulbs flashââ¬Â¦and the forward returns to the locker room, to find an electrical outlet into which he can plug himself to recharge his power cells.



  • Open Source
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