October 22, 2003

New GRID WARS Parallel Programming Contest Opens

Anonymous Reader writes "Engineered Intelligence Corporation (EI) today announced a new version of the popular GRID WARS parallel programming challenge, where competing programs written in CxC (C by C) fight for survival of the fittest in a grid of processors, will be held live in EIs Booth #2019 at the SC2003 Conference in Phoenix, November 18-21. HP and Microsoft are sponsoring GRID WARS Interactive and are providing the computing platform and prizes.

In EIs booth, attendees will select from warriors submitted through www.gridwars.com and have their choices loaded into a live GRID WARS Interactive battle, where they will fight for control of virtual parallel processors. Attendees who select winning warriors will be awarded prizes from HP and Microsoft.

Those interested in parallel computing can enter warriors by downloading the Grid Wars Interactive challenge kit from www.gridwars.com, which includes ALL previously submitted warriors. Prizes will be awarded to those who submit the most winning warriors at SC2003. Details available on the web site."

Link: gridwars.com

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