November 4, 2004

New GroundWork Nagios Support

Groundwork Open Source Solutions, Inc writes "GroundWork Open Source Solutions Launches GroundWork Nagios Support

New Support Offering Helps Enterprises Adopt and Maintain Leading Open Source IT Monitoring Tool

Emeryville, CA-November 2, 2004-Groundwork Open Source Solutions, Inc., a leader in open source-based IT management solutions, today announced the availability of GroundWork Nagios Support, which includes technical and application engineering support for the Nagios Monitoring tool as well as advice and consultation on Nagios deployment and functional extensions. Nagios is an open source IT monitoring tool with an estimated 45,000 users worldwide, including such global companies as ATT Wireless, Siemens and Time Warner Cable.

Groundwork Open Source Solutions' flagship product, GroundWork Monitor, transforms Nagios into an enterprise-ready IT management solution by adding functional enhancements as well as deployment services and ongoing support.

"With GroundWork Nagios Support, we are providing a necessary layer of enterprise-level support so that tens of thousands of companies using Nagios can more easily and confidently take advantage of the benefits open source IT management," said Robert Fanini, CEO of GroundWork Open Source Solutions.

Because IT monitoring tools require extensive configuration and tuning, expert support is critical for deployment and maintenance. GroundWork brings to its Nagios Support offering deep experience successfully installing, configuring and supporting Nagios in over 25 customer sites.

GroundWork Nagios Support, which is offered on an annual subscription basis, includes:

* Nagios System Diagnostic: A remote diagnostic of customers' Nagios installation and recommendations for improving monitoring results. Recommendations are specific to customers' configuration and recent outage history.

* Technical Support: Telephone and email-based technical assistance for Nagios, including remote diagnostics of the system with appropriate VPN or remote access.

* Application Engineering: Assistance with, and advice on, implementing new versions of Nagios, configuring Nagios plugins, extending Nagios coverage, integrating multiple Nagios servers and integrating Nagios with other tools.

* Plugin Search and Certification: Search, testing, documentation and certification of available Nagios plugins, event handlers and custom report formats.

* Plugin, Event Handler and Custom Report Development: For an additional fee, GroundWork offers development, testing and certification of new Nagios plugins, event handlers and custom reports.


About GroundWork

GroundWork Open Source Solutions, Inc. ( provides turnkey, open source-based IT management solutions such as network and systems monitoring, service desk management and IT dashboards. GroundWork solutions enable IT management to leverage the flexibility and low cost of open source tools to achieve enterprise-level availability, performance and operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost of commercial software. Based in Emeryville, CA, GroundWork investors include Canaan Partners."

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