September 7, 2005

New GUI in Beta for FreeDOS

Author: Shane Coughlan

Shane Coughlan writes "Introducing Project Liberation. Welcome to the revolution... When the GEM GUI first arrived on the PC it caused a revolution. It was simple, quick, and easy-to-use, and it ran with DOs is just a few hundred kilobytes. Many years later, the opensource version of GEM, OpenGEM, has continued to give users a quick and easy way to do windowing in DOS.Now there is a new member of the OpenGEM family. We'd like to introduce Project Liberation, based on the software behind OpenGEM Experimental. Project Liberation is a whole new type of OpenGEM, and it's such a leap forward it'll blow your socks off.

Project Liberation has a new 3D interface, with a neat modern pointer set, a beautiful new default system font, and cool new icons. It will automatically detect the disk drives on your machine, and neatly display them on its desktop. It'll even happily show the contents of all the common text file formats through it's nifty internal viewer. And let's not forget that it can run DOS applications simply by double-clicking them. It's all so simple.

Project Liberation looks better than OpenGEM ever did before. It is better than OpenGEM ever was before. And it's just as reliable as OpenGEM always has been.

Oh, and did we mention that Project Liberation is 100% DR GEM, FreeGEM and OpenGEM compatible? Not many GNU GPL projects can boast that kind of compatibility. It even makes old GEM applications look better.

Project Liberation is still beta software. We're making sure everything works before we start shipping it as a completed product. But you can download it right now from the OpenGEM website.

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