June 21, 2001

New HP consumer entertainment device has Linux inside

Author: JT Smith

An anonymous reader writes: "Hey, HP just announced a cool new Linux-based consumer enertainment device, reported on over at linuxdevices.com . . .

"HP will unveil a prototype of a new Linux-powered consumer music appliance at the Tech
X NY trade show in New York next week. Although the device -- called the HP Digital
Entertainment Center -- contains more computing power than most desktop PCs, it is
narrowly focused on being a 'single function appliance' in which 'simplicity and
ease-of-use' are high priorities, according to HP Product Manager George Prokop. "

"The HP Digital Entertainment Center has the look and feel of a stereo receiver. Developed
by the Colorado Personal Storage Solutions Division, the source of HP's CD-RW,
DVD+RW drives and technologies, the device is the first consumer product from that
group that is not itself a peripheral to some other device."


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