December 10, 2002

New line of products for working with dbf files

Sergey Chehuta writes "WhiteTown software releases new line of products for working with databases."

WhiteTown Software has released new line of products for working with DBF files. This line of products contains such titles as CDBF - advanced DBF viewer and editor, CDBFlite - software that allows you to work with DBF files using command line and via Web, and CDBFAPI - the library of over 120 different tools for working
with DBF files that does not require database drivers, like ADO/BDE/ODBC.

"This year has been great for us so far," - said Sergey Chehuta, WhiteTown CEO, - "we've got a lot of media attention, positive feedback at trade shows, and praises from the industry experts.
We've done a lot of talking to our corporate customers and decided to update all of our products. This allowed us to become solid
number two on the shareware database-related products market right."

The reason for such success can be explained by the multiplatform approach - the CDBF can be run on Windows (GUI and Console), DOS
(including 32 bit), Linux (both shared and static); in addition, CDBFlite can be also run on FreeBSD and OS/2 (DLL for REXX).
Another important feature is that the software supports all major formats (dBaseIII, dBaseIV, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, etc.) and can export data in MS Excel, TXT, PRG (as a source for Clipper/FoxPro), HTML, SQL (for any SQL server), Miva, and XML formats.

"It is extremely important that you can manage and manipulate your data - sort it out, build necessary reports, transform it,
combine, divide, print out, and so on," - said Dominic Davis, system administrator from - "We are very glad we've purchased CDBF from WhiteTown. Now we can actually make sense of our data. CDBF allows you to easily build reports of any complexity, I just love it."

Importantly, WhiteTown Software distributes its products on a shareware basis. It means there are no up front costs. You just download the software you are interested in free of charge and test it during the trial period. Full range of database products can be found at


Product links: c.tgz"


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