June 23, 2003

New Linux appliance announced

bobfcsoft writes
Kitchener, Canada - 03 June 23. IO Anywhere Inc. (http://www.io-anywhere.ca) announces the release of its first generation product.

IO Anywhere (tm) devices provide affordable internet/intranet connectivity to a vast array of both legacy devices and leading edge stand alone equipment. Utilizing the latest in CPLD technology and integrating Ethernet enabled microprocessor core modules produces a completely configurable platform for a broad range of applications.

IO Anywhere Inc. was formed in 2000 with a mission to build a flexible appliance for hosting custom embedded applications.

Many applications call for the acquisition of a few points of data,
control of a couple of devices, and display user information. The use of PC based platforms which run hot, consume more power and are typically configuration intensive is often a poor option.

IO Anywhere started with a mission to develop an appliance that cost less than $200, had to have lots of onboard I/O, multiple serial ports, was browser configurable, ultra low power, Ethernet enabled and could be easily adapted to virtually any data capture and control application.

The result is IO Anywhere (tm).

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 5.0 x 12.5 x 13.0 cm, 2 x 5 x 5¼ in.
Weight: 420 gm, 15 oz.
Voltage: 5.0 ± 5%
Current: 225 ma. max.
Temperature: +70 -40 °C

Specification Check List
Power recovery ( ~ 1 Second )
Low power ( ~1 Watt )
4 x 8 bit bi-directional ports.
2 PS2 ports.
2 RS232 ports
2 RS485 ports
2 Internal modems
Dual independent text mode VGA (80x30)
HTTP hosting
Browser configuration
Linux SIMPL messaging
DHCP client
Available source code

Suggested applications:
POS order entry and confirmation displays.

For more info contact: info@io-anywhere.ca"

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