December 23, 2002

New Linux-Based Personal ASP

Brendan Hodge writes: Business
IT Solutions World Wide (BITSWW) is gearing up for the Jan. 1st launch
of their PersonalWebtop service by providing a demo that features the
same interface and application suite soon to be available on commercial

The PersonalWebtop
service is a combined ASP (Application Service Provider) and online storage
solution offering customers access to their documents and applications
from any internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world. Based on
the famously stable Linux operating system and utilizing innovative network
cluster technology, PersonalWebtop offers users 1Gig of secure document
storage as well as access to a variety of applications such as OpenOffice
(a complete suite of office applications), GNU-Cash (personal financial
software), The GIMP (an image manipulation program) and Evolution (an
email client and personal organizer).

the service is fast and easy. Users log into their accounts from the PersonalWebtop
homepage. The browser window expands to fill the screen and loads the
PersonalWebtop desktop interface. The “Webtop” menu (similar
to a Windows “Start” menu) launches a full array of applications,
networking tools, and games, making the webtop as convenient as a conventional

accounts can be accessed from any computer in the world with a working
internet connection and a recent Java-enabled browser (Netscape 6.0+ or
IE 5.0+ recommended). For the best possible network responsiveness, a
cable, DSL or other high speed connection is recommended. In order to
open a PersonalWebtop account's document directory as a mapped drive (or
in a file browser) users must have OSX, Windows 98+ or a recent distribution
of Linux/Unix/BSD.

will become available commercially on Jan. 1st for $29.95/month plus a
one time $20.00 startup fee. Technology reporters and reviewers are welcome
to request a free three month account for review purposes.

For more
information about the PersonalWebtop service or to test the demo, visit
The company website for Business IT Solutions World Wide resides at

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