March 16, 2005

New Linux Distribution

Alexandre Dussart writes "A new distribution, still at the stage of development, comes to be born. Its name:"Xline". Of an European origin, it should attract the beginners and the programmers of GNOME.

The initiator of this project is not other than a former engineer of MandrakeSoft, the company editor of Linux Mandrake.

Proposing by defect the office GNOME (an integration of the desktop Shell E17 will be also envisaged), a graphic procedure of installation in Gtk+ and various tools of configuration based on a library called "detect" in charge of the detect
ion of the material and based on the very known library XML libxml2 which as for it will manage the files of configuration.

For the moment are available the library detect, ghb (a kind of navigator for material) and gnome fdisk editor (still at the stage alpha), tools which seem already very promising and which already let predict effectiveness of this future distribution.

We are always in the search of contributors, in particular for the development,the translation and the test. Thus do not hesitate to come to join their team.

See following url: XLine Distribution Official Site for more information."


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