June 24, 2004

New Linux Distro: Gentoo-based VidaLinux

Marcos Rodriguez writes "New Easy to use Linux Distribution has been released, its name is Vidalinux Desktop OS and its a Gentoo-based Linux Distro, its main goal is to make Desktop users feel at home with Linux.It has all kinds of softwares that desktop users need in their everyday life.It also has web-plugins pre-installed, like Java,mplayerplug-in and flash player 6.It is very easy to install because it uses the Anaconda Installer.And yes it has the Gentoo Package manager in it, and also a graphical frontend for it.If you wish to download this great linux distribution please go here http://gentoo.vidalinux.com/?q=node/view/68"

Link: gentoo.vidalinux.com


  • Linux
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