November 29, 2004

New Linux Guide Breaks Norms and Fear Factor

soheila m writes "A concise and inexpensive new Linux guide that helps "the rest of us" learn and use Linux productively. Linux For the Rest Of Us 2nd Edition provides everything a beginner needs, and with an encouraging tone that talks UP to the reader.

Linux For the Rest of Us 2nd Ed. is a complete guide for beginners using Linux, without the debasing attitude of so many of todayâs introductory manuals.

There are no condescending remarks, no haughty lines of text written to remind the reader how great the author is, and no extraneous material for a new user to weed through. Disappointed? This manual is strictly for novices who want to get started using Linux quickly and successfully.

The author, Mark Rais, painstakingly clarifies distinctions between todayâs various flavors and the most popular desktops. Each chapter strikes a balance between presenting essential tips to a completely new user, while also giving concise answers for those with plenty of training but little time.

Linux For the Rest of Us 2nd Ed. builds on the core elements that made the first edition a popular computer starter guide (rated 14th best selling computer book on in April 2003). In this 2nd Edition, Rais significantly expands upon his earlier work, and answers questions most new users ask.

In a world where there are many published manuals for Linux, what makes Linux For the Rest of Us 2nd Ed. most unique is its tone and style.

Rais is encouraging, engaging, witty but always to-the-point. His passion for Linux and concern for conveying the information to a new user come across in each chapter. Never is the tone or style anything but a conduit for passing along his knowledge and experience in concise form.

Can all this really be true of one computer manual on Linux? Is this book heaven sent or just a mad hallucination from some marketing staff?

Reviews from the first edition are on-line from:, The Linux Journal, and You can also read more about the author and see sample chapters and book details on the publisher

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Linux For the Rest of Us 2nd Ed., by Mark Rais, $19.95 list, ISBN 0-9726790-4-9, is available in the U.S. and Canada through most book retailers."


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