November 18, 2004

New Linux Magazine

Natalie Harvey writes "We wanted to let you know that today SSC Publishing, publishers of Linux Journal, announced the launch of a new monthly print and online publication, TUX, the First and Only Magazine for the New Linux User. The magazine will launch February 1, 2005.

You can find more information about it at

Please let me know if you'd like further information. Additionally, if you'd like to set up an interview with our editor in chief, Marcel Gagne, or have other press relate inquiries, please contact our media relations manager, James Gray at or +1-206-295-6010.

More information about TUX: TUX will address the needs of the vast numbers of people who use Linux as the operating system of choice on their PC desktops. Although Linux's fame stems primarily from its success as a rock-solid, corporate server platform, millions of people worldwide have quietly decided en masse that Linux is the desktop OS that meets their home and office needs most effectively. In fact, market analysts have been reporting for years that Linux is the world's fastest-growing operating system, and they peg its marketshare above that of MacOS from Apple Computer, Inc.

"These many millions of people who wisely run desktop Linux on their home and office PCs will finally have a comprehensive resource that speaks to them directly," commented Marcel Gagne, editor in chief of TUX. "They've switched or are looking to switch to Linux because they're fed up the annoyances they find in other operating systems, such as viruses, spyware, frequent crashes, crippling security breaches and 'one-size-fits-all' solutions. Linux is their ticket to vastly improved security, increased flexibility and better value -- and TUX is the guide to maximizing these advantages," added Gagne.

The format of TUX will include easy-to-understand tutorials, insightful hardware and software reviews, useful tips and tricks, enlightened opinion, and in-depth exploration of the tools Linux users use day. In addition, TUX will present this information in a style that is practical, hands-on, user-friendly and jargon-free so that everybody will be able to explore the world of Linux.

The publication was named TUX in honor of the famous penguin with the same name that has become the ubiquitous symbol of Linux. 'Tux the Penguin' was created by Larry Ewing in 1996 with a powerful Linux-based publishing application called The Gimp.

The first edition of TUX will launch with 60,000+ copies and will be available on newsstands and via subscription. The cover price of $9.99 US/$12.99 Canada includes a CD-ROM that contains not only a version of Linux that runs directly from a CD drive, but scores of software programs that run on Linux as well. A yearly subscription, which includes a CD-ROM with every issue, is $49.99 US/$69.99 Canada.

About editor in chief, Marcel Gagne Now the new editor in chief of TUX, the First and Only Magazine for the New Linux User, Marcel Gagne has been one of Linux's most dedicated supporters for over a decade. Marcel is best known for his entertaining Linux Journal column, Cooking With Linux, where he jovially mixes practical Linux advice with impeccable wine selections. Readers have chosen it for Best Linux Journal Column several years in a row. In addition, Marcel has written three best-selling books on Linux, contributes to several respected IT publications and is a regular guest of Leo Laporte's on G4TechTV Canada's Call for Help.

About TUX
TUX is the first and only magazine for new Linux users and is dedicated to promoting and simplifying the use of Linux on the desktop. Each issue of Tux includes a free, feature-packed CD-ROM to help readers make the most of their Linux systems. Beginning in February 2005 TUX may be purchased at major bookstores and newsstands throughout North America. Additionally, TUX is now taking subscription orders in advance of its official release; specifics are available at or by calling toll-free 888-66-LINUX (54689). Further information about TUX is available via e-mail,

About the PublisherA privately held company, SSC Publishing is the leading Linux and Open Source authority, publishing reference materials in these fields since 1983. Properties include,,,, and the monthly international print magazines TUX and Linux Journal. Additional information can be found at All product and company names may be trademarks or
registered trademarks of their respective holders."


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