April 4, 2003

New Linux MTD driver support for DiskOnChip flash devices

Miles Gillham writes "SnapGear Inc. has announced the first MTD (Memory Technology Device subsystem) Linux driver support for the M-Systems Millennium Plus family of DiskOnChip flash devices. The driver support now makes it possible for Linux developers to take advantage of M-Systems' widely deployed DiskOnChip technology.

Specifically, the achievement brings driver support for M-Systems INFTL (Inverse NAND Flash Translation Layer). DiskOnChip offers flash code and data storage ranging from 8MB up to 1GB in size, making flash memory appear as a standard hard disk, and provide safe flash memory writes.

Full SnapGear Technical Bulletin #16 can be found at www.snapgear.com/tb20030402.html"

Link: snapgear.com

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