New Linux Video Series from Jack Wallen and Swapnil Bhartiya


Two well-known tech journalists and frequent contributors to have debuted a new video series discussing Linux topics. The “Let’s Get Serious” series from Jack Wallen and Swapnil Bhartiya will feature ideas, opinions, and engaging conversation based on their years of experience using Linux and covering the tech industry.

Swapnil and Jack started the video series in order to have a mature conversation about Linux, open source, and related topics. “With so many related topics, we felt it had become a challenge to have or find sensible, immediate, dialog with those involved, as each distinct community had become either too entrenched in their microcosm or disconnected from reality. Hence, ‘Let’s Get Serious,’” Jack said.

Join Jack and Swapnil as they dive into a lively discussion about Linux desktops, devices, distributions, and more.

Check out the first video below: