January 17, 2006

New Linux Website - The Linux Whine

Anonymous Reader writes "TheLinuxWhine.com is a newly created website dedicated to bringing the Linux community into a forum to gather and discuss ideas about Linux software improvements.

The site owner of "The Linux Whine" says that he had the idea for the website shortly after attempting to configure his new programmable keyboard and 7 button mouse for Fedora 4.

"I was wondering why something that seems so mundane as configuring the programmable keys on my keyboard and mouse should be such a challenge for such an evolved OS? Why is it that I can find a hundred 'Yet Another jpeg viewer(s)' on sourceforge, but no one has anything to make the things you commonly take for granted, simple?"

Born out of this is a forum for Linux users to discuss their ideas. He promises that as forums are created for different software that he would contact the developers for that program(s) and let them know that the user community has ideas for them."

Link: thelinuxwhine.com

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