December 2, 2005

New LinuxLink Subscriptions for FreeScale Coldfire

Kimberly Booth writes "TimeSys Introduces LinuxLink Subscriptions for Freescale’s ColdFire®
MCF547x and MCF548x Processor Families

LinuxLink Subscriptions Include Hundreds of Cross-compiled Applications, Latest Linux from Freescale, Continuous Updates, Developer Exchange Community Access and Tools for Customizing Linux

PITTSBURGH, PA – November 30, 2005 – TimeSys® Corporation, the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, today announced the availability of two new LinuxLink subscriptions for developers creating their own custom Linux platforms targeting ColdFire MCF547x and MCF548x processor families from Freescale™ Semiconductor. The LinuxLink subscriptions offer commercially-supported Linux solutions for ColdFire processors.

Recently introduced LinuxLink subscriptions include hundreds of cross-compiled applications, the latest processor-optimized Linux from leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Freescale, Developer Exchange community access and a cross-development environment to significantly reduce the time and cost of customizing Linux.

LinuxLink by TimeSys™ is the first commercial offering to support the majority of embedded developers who build and assemble their own custom Linux platform through on-demand access to ready-to-use processor-optimized Linux and components, development environment and community support throughout the development cycle. This is a significant departure from commercial Linux vendor distributions that dictate feature sets and release schedules.

“LinuxLink makes the latest Linux optimizations developed by Freescale for the MCF547x and MCF548x device families immediately and continuously available to developers customizing Linux to meet the requirements of any embedded device,” said Jeff Bock, product marketing manager, 16/32 Bit Consumer and Industrial Operation, Freescale. “By teaming with TimeSys, we are providing a unique enablement model for the large numbers of our customers who are developing their own Linux platform to give their products a competitive edge.”

“The availability of LinuxLink subscriptions for popular Freescale ColdFire processors is the latest example of our commitment to offer developers the most advanced and complete solution for creating any commercial-grade custom Linux platform,” said Larry Weidman, president and CEO of TimeSys. “We are pleased to provide developers with the only commercially-supported Linux for Freescale ColdFire processors to support their efforts to get to market faster.”

About New LinuxLink Subscriptions for the MCF547x and MCF548x Families

Each LinuxLink subscription includes:

Hundreds of cross-compiled, ready-to-use packages already validated on either the MCF547x and MCF548x processor families, which save weeks or months from the process of gathering, cross-compiling and testing components

The latest Linux distributions from Freescale, optimized and tested on reference boards for the MCF547x and MCF548x, enabling developers to get started out-of-the-box with a commercial Linux solution while receiving updates and patches throughout the development cycle

Processor-optimized cross-development environment with compilers, application and kernel debuggers and platform development tools. This allows developers to focus on application development and simplify feature, performance and footprint optimization for their Linux platform.

Participation in the Developer Exchange for online, interactive support from TimeSys, semiconductor vendors and the Open Source community. This enables developers to leverage community expertise for help, education, technical information and best practices to support their embedded Linux project.

About the Freescale ColdFire MCF547x and MCF548x Processor Families

The MCF547x and MCF548x families are the first standard products from Freescale based on the V4e ColdFire core. These processor families offer the highest level of integration of a ColdFire product to date. Both of these ColdFire families are well suited for network-connected control applications that require a broad range of communications peripherals and high performance to enable competitive and cost-effective system solutions.

LinuxLink Availability

LinuxLink subscriptions for the MCF547x and MCF548x families are available now and are licensed annually per-processor for $3,000. For more information, visit

About TimeSys Corporation

TimeSys is the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, delivering LinuxLink subscriptions that empower developers to rapidly and efficiently create their own commercial-grade custom Linux platform. The continuously updated cross-compiled components, information and systems offered through LinuxLink subscriptions are aggregated from the open source community, semiconductor manufacturers and TimeSys and hosted in the TimeSys Network. For more information, visit

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