January 26, 2001

The New Londoner Society Column covers linux-kernel

Author: JT Smith

The humor site Segfault has an item saying, "Linux is finally hitting the mainstream, not only among computer users, but among High Society. The New Londener Society Column this evening premiered its reporting of supplemental kernel development list, linux-kernel. Mr. R---, esteemed contributor of NetBSD and Linux kernel endowments, ignited a scandalous reparte
amongst Linux Society. The events unbecoming of the Linux clique transpired this Thursday past. 'I do
protest!,' began foppish Mr. R--- of ix.netcom.com, speaking of Mr. G---'s most recent contribution, 'This
cache colouring patch is as feltback foul served with wine of red! Ill-conceived and unsettling, I say!' "


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