October 21, 2002

New Lycoris GamePak announced, Lycoris teams up with TransGaming

Anonymous Reader writes: "With the new Lycoris GamePak, Desktop/LX users gain simple installation of improved and enhanced Open Source games, plus the ability to play top Windows games, all in one box. Access to TransGaming's WineX software, which allows DirectX games to run on other platforms, will be included with the Lycoris GamePak, on retail store shelves this Holiday season.

Lycoris and TransGaming have reached an agreement that will also enable GamePak subscribers to get discounts on major Linux gaming titles such as TimeGate Studios' award winning game series Kohan, and promises to add value for users who move over to the Desktop/LX platform during the holidays.

Lycoris sees this as an important step to offering a viable alternative to Windows and giving gamers the excitement and action they expect."

Link: DesktopLinux.com


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