March 31, 2003

New managing editor joins

- By Lee Schlesinger -
You're going to be seeing my name around here, so I thought I'd use my first byline to introduce myself. I'm Lee Schlesinger, and I've joined OSDN as managing editor. I'll be keeping tabs on the editorial side of and

You might recognize my name from my previous jobs as executive editor of ZDNet's Business & Technology pages and test center director for Network World. Then again, you might not.

Why did I take this job? I'm convinced, as many of you are, that open source is one of today's most exciting movements, and may be poised to move from software development and distribution to other areas of today's culture (more about that in a future column). I'd like to be right here, keeping my finger on the pulse of the open source community.

Because open source is community-driven more than company-driven, I'm going to look not only to my colleague, Robin Miller, for guidance, but also to you. What topics do you want to see us cover? What's the right mix of editorial material, including news, commentary, reviews, case studies, and other features?

Speaking of reviews, I've been writing and editing computer product reviews for more than 16 years. I hope to continue that practice here. If you know of a worthy product that's approaching a major release, I'd like to hear about it, and not just today but on an ongoing basis.

Finally, a note about my posting ID. You'll find comments from me in our forums under the ID StoneLion. When I came up with that I had in mind the statues outside the main branch of the New York Public Library. To me, they epitomize Faber College's motto, Knowledge is Good, and do so with style. Knowledge and style are two things OSDN is famous for.

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