September 23, 2009

New Moblin Netbook Unveiled at IDF

Dell has announced the availability of a Moblin v2-based netbook model, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10V.

In a joint announcement made at the Intel Developer's Forum today, Dell, Canonical, and Intel showcased the new device, which is expected to go on sale September 24 on

The 10V will run the Canonical's Moblin Netbook Remix. Dell indicated that it chose to go with Canonical's Remix edition because they felt Ubuntu's leadership position in the Linux desktop market made it a good fit as a partner.

According to Intel creators of the Moblin distribution, "Moblin is an optimized Linux operating system project that delivers visually rich Internet and media experience on Intel Atom Processor-based devices including MIDs, netbooks, nettops, in-vehicle infotainment, and embedded systems such as media phones."

The Linux Foundation is the host for the Moblin Project.

Speaking with a Dell spokesperson today, the popular hardware vendor detailed the features of the new netbook, "The Dell Inspiron Mini 10v with (factory-installed) Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition delivers a developer-focused experience to the Linux enthusiast community.”

Applications will not be lacking on this new device. "We have taken the best of both worlds--Moblin V2 and the Moblin OpenSource Community, and included them into one software image. Examples include Moblin’s new Browser, Calendar, Media Player, and Mail. Additionally, for a complete and convenient experience, we also include other more traditional Linux applications like,” Dell's spokesperson said.

Prospective customers can visit the Dell web site to purchase an Inspiron Mini 10v with Ubuntu Moblin Remix Developer Edition. In addition, users can also visit Dell's Moblin wiki page for many helpful links, including a link to download the software image for those who already have an Inspiron Mini 10v.

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