February 15, 2006

New Nexuiz Release

Lee Vermeulen writes "Nexuiz version 1.5 has been released.nexuiz.com This version brings massive changes to the gameplay, technology, and content. And for the love we have to the Nexuiz community, we release on Valentines day! Changes include:
- Many new gamemodes, new maps, new characters
- "Instant Action" button in menu
- Advanced Bot AI
- Redo of all the character skins (pant/shirt color like Quake1)
- Completely new menu
- Majority of sound effects redone
- Smoother netcode
- Engine optimizations

This is a massive upgrade to the original Nexuiz. If any users had tried the initial versions and were put off by the game's speed and lack of single player, this version should solve any concerns.

To download the game go to our download page at:

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