New Open Container Project Helps Define the Future Data Center



We at The Linux Foundation witness first-hand every day the impact of open source, collaboration and neutral governance on the most promising technologies of our time. It is how most software today is built. Containers are one of the most important innovations in software development and today, with the introduction of the Open Container Project , The Linux Foundation will become the home of this essential infrastructure. This project will prevent fragmentation and enable application portability among platforms, which are the ingredients developers require in order to build and deploy everything from retail and banking applications to streaming media services.

Containers make it easier than ever for developers to build applications quickly right on their laptop and to reach Internet scale on any combination of public and private cloud technologies. Millions of individual developers have found containers are the best way to create and share development environments. And, even more powerful is that those environments can seamlessly be used in production as well, enabling the development Holy Grail of dev/prod parity.

That’s why we applaud Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Google, Docker and CoreOS, among the other founding members of the Open Container Project, for taking the important steps to build a neutral and collaborative environment where everyone can work together to bring a portable container standard to the cloud.

logo containercon w1I am extraordinarily excited to be working with nearly every technology company on this project, which I think could be as important to the future of the Internet as intermodal containers have been to globalization. We expect to see a lot of the Open Container Project contributors at ContainerCon in August and look forward to the work ahead of us.