February 21, 2007

new open source ESB research note by RedMonk

travis van writes "RedMonk, an IT analyst firm, today released a research note titled "Open Source ESBs for Application Integration (SOA Optional)." The six page analysis outlines the pros and cons of open source versus proprietary approaches, while emphasizing the range of integration options available to end users today.

"ESB’s don't have to be about SOA," said Anne Zelenka, RedMonk analyst, and author of the research note. "But if you are interested in moving towards a service-based architecture while integrating disparate applications, you may want to experiment with one as a way of moving incrementally in that direction. Open Source offerings provide an ideal way to do that because they have no license fees, allow you to modify and extend the code as you see fit, and may be supported by thriving developer and user communities focused on practical use."

Reprint rights for the six page research report were purchased by MuleSource. Click here to register / download the free report."

Link: home.businesswire.com

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