January 16, 2002

New Open Source project looking for volunteers

Author: JT Smith

Yurii A. Rashkovskii writes: "A small team of volunteers has started a new open source project, aimed to solve enterprise automation tasks. We're trying to make a next-generation solution, that is aimed not to copy existing solutions, but to invent new ideas and approaches that will satisfy enterprise automation needs. Now we would like to announce our "official" startup and probably invite volunteers interested in this kind of project."E/AS is a software project to create an open source framework for an enterprise automation needs. We are trying to attain the next-generation solution, the next step in the enterprise management. The main benefit that will allow us to achieve this goal is the progressive object model used to assembly different substances in the entire tree.

Therefore it is easy to keep books of these substances in the identical manner; there is a common approach to transact operations and so on.

E/AS offers enterprise-level features, such as distributed computing, support for non-stop systems, fault tolerance and organic integration with third-party software.

You will be able to run E/AS software on mostly all major platforms, such as Solaris, Linux, Windows NT/2000.

Our software will be useful for different kinds of enterprise automation, like business accounting, correspondence maintainance or billing system. Due to the fact that E/AS software is designed to be flexible and extendable, we do not limit the set of problems that can be solved.

E/AS site is in its initial state but can be found at http://www.openeas.org.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at yrashk@openeas.org."

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