July 26, 2001

New Open Source software tools attack web performance problems

Author: JT Smith

Just as Linux changed the rules of the game for
Microsoft with its
open source operating system; SolidSpeed Networks is
now doing it
for IP performance tools.

The press release below has more information. Please
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Scott Lorenz

New Open Source Software Tools Attack
Web Performance Problems

SolidSpeed Enables Web Hosters to Offer New Revenue

Ann Arbor, MI -- July 25, 2001 - SolidSpeed
Networks, Inc. today
is announcing two new open source software products,
tm and FEZ-Director. "Linux changed the rules of
the game for
Microsoft with its open source operating system;
Networks is now doing it for IP performance tools,"
says Neil
Dueweke, CEO of SolidSpeed Networks. Performance
sensitive Web
Hosters or Web site owners can easily implement a
global load
balancing infrastructure, measure the speed and
availability of
their Web site, or set up a multi-site Web presence.

"Most end-users will abandon their electronic
shopping carts and
the site itself with 8 second Web page downloads,"
said Greg
Howard, principal analyst at The HTRC Group.
Probester presents a new way to measure Web site
performance from
the end-user perspective."

Open Source Products Offered Over the Web

True to the nature of the open source movement,
SolidSpeed has
released the software for these breakthrough
software products via
the Web, at http://www.fezhead.org.
FEZ-Probester tm is easy to implement Web site
measurement software that is embedded in your Web
site's HTML. It
provides the first end-to-end measurement of Web
site performance
that measures and reports actual user download
times. Other Web
measurement solutions attempt to simulate users,
additional site load and failing to match the
distribution of
traffic for the site being measured.

With SolidSpeed's FEZ-Director, a global site
selector, also known
as a global load balancer, Web site administrators
can implement
multi-site versions of their Web site through
mirroring, caching,
and multi-homing. FEZ-Director is unique in that it
offers a
purely software-based site selection systems
solution that runs on
all flavors of UNIX and Windows and is easily
configured, maintained, and updated. As such,
FEZ-Director is
extremely well
suited for incorporation into 3rd party content
server packages.
FEZ-Director uses real-time measurements of latency
and packet
loss along with DNS and http redirection methods to
direct users
to the best of multiple Web site mirrors or caches.

Zona Research reported that $4.6 billion per year is
lost due to
users abandoning slow Web sites. The Boston Group
stated that 48
percent of Web visitors would leave prematurely
because a site is
running too slow.

About SolidSpeed
SolidSpeed Networks is an emerging venture-backed IP
Management software and consulting services firm
dedicated to
improving Internet performance for its clients.
provides Internet performance and routing software
development and
associated consulting to Web hosters, xSP's,
Enterprise Internet
users, and Web site owners. SolidSpeed Inc. has
received venture
capital from investors such as Gideon Gartner--
founder of the
Gartner Group (NYSE: IT) and Giga Information Group
(Nasdaq: GIGX,
and Kevin Kalkhoven - former CEO of JDS Uniphase
(Nasdaq: JDSU).
Arbor Venture Partners II is the lead venture
capital fund. A
second round of financing is in progress.

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