April 6, 2007

New Openoffice.org Book for Educational Use

Concise Concepts, Inc. writes "ZEBULON, NC - April 4, 2007 -- Concise Concepts
an independent publisher specializing in computer guides and
educational books, announces today the release of a new book
specially for OpenOffice.org 2, the open source office productivity
suite for Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

A Conceptual
Guide to OpenOffice.org 2 for Windows and Linux
is an indepth
guide to assist individuals, students and educators with learning the
four core applications bundled in the office productivity suite.
Unique to this guide is its ten hands-on lessons that walk users
step-by-step through the creation of various documents. Readers will
find lessons that have a unique style in the delivery of the
information being presented. The book's lessons include using the
OpenOffice.org database application to produce queries and reports to
examine the most intense and costly hurricanes to strike the North
Atlantic within the past 100 years, how to create a bi-fold brochure
with quality images that describes various landmarks found along the
Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains and how to create a
personal balance sheet with the OpenOffice.org spreadsheet
application while explaining how an individual with significant
property holdings and income could have financial difficulties.
Users who wish to find specific instructions quickly and easily will
find the four quick reference guides to provide the answers they are
looking for.

Gabriel Gurley
wrote A Conceptual Guide to OpenOffice.org 2 for Windows and
to help users learn more about this alternative office
suite. “OpenOffice.org is a great open source office productivity
suite,” says Gabriel Gurley. “The open source community has been
developing a lot of quality software for some time now. The downside
is that there is often a lack of documentation for these software
applications to help users get the most out of them, especially for
educational use. I thought that a comprehensive, easy-to-understand
guide was needed to help students, educators and individuals discover
and use this great application.”

Gabriel Gurley's
books, including A Conceptual Guide to OpenOffice.org 2 for
Windows and Linux
, have received positive reviews from
educators and users. “This Guide demonstrates OpenOffice.org
features using relevant, day-to-day problem solving situations”,
says Myra Clayton of Myra's Mobile Education and Training in
Greenville, South Carolina. “For months I had been searching for a
course ware training tool and model through which to teach users
coming from the various software platforms. This Conceptional Guide
is ideal for my small business model. I can use this product for
students coming from all levels of proficiency. I like the fact that
Gurley answers nearly all of my “why” questions and even offers
a very large set of Appendices which serve as a resource and guide
for advanced study.”

The book has also
received the attention of educators and users outside of the United
States as well. Ian Lynch, founder of The Learning Machine, Ltd. in
the United Kingdom and former Education Lead for the OpenOffice.org
Community, read the book and recommends it as a resource for users
pursuing the International Grades in Office Technologies (INGOTs)
certification. “The Conceptual Guide book is a clear and well-laid
out resource for anyone who wants to learn the effective use of the
software application,” says Lynch. “I recommend it without
reservation to schools, training organizations and individuals.”

For more
information regarding A Conceptual Guide to OpenOffice.org 2
for Windows and Linux
, visit the Concise Concepts website at


Gurley is a trainer and former community college instructor with a
passion for education. As an instructor, students recommended the use
of his handouts over the course adopted textbooks due to his concise,
easy-to-understand explanations of the material being taught. Gabriel
has provided instruction for StarOffice and OpenOffice.org to adult
learners for nearly 5 years. He is also a Gold Level assessor for the
skills-based INGOTs office productivity certification in the United
States and a certified instructor for the North Carolina Rural
Entrepreneurship Through Action Learning (NC REAL) program.


Title: A
Conceptual Guide to OpenOffice.org 2 for Windows and Linux

Author: R. Gabriel

Publisher: Concise
Concepts, Inc.


paperback, 280 pp., $39.50

The book is
available at Concise Concepts' website (www.conciseconceptsinc.com)
and at Lulu (http://www.lulu.com/content/749058).

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