September 22, 2006

New OSS Installer for leading development tools

Alec Clews writes "ALM
a simple way to install and use four leading Open Source change management tools - RT , SVN, CruiseControl
and XPlanner. ALM Suite is for
development teams wanting to quickly and easily install a change server
on a
single box.

has just released ALM Suite 0.6 It installs:

with conflicts removed and ports
configured. ALM Suite simplifies: the installation, configuration and
rebuilding of change servers;  makes is easier to consolidate
servers; and reduces administration overhead.

ALM Suite is now hosted on SourceForge
where we are actively developing releases with new integrations, new
features and ports
to additional platforms. We welcome feedback and comment from the
community to help us in planning the future direction of what we
think is a genuinely useful piece of software in the SCM space.

ALM Suite has been initially developed to address the immediate needs
for small teams, with limited resources, who want greater support than
is available from a version control tool alone. As it matures it will
be useful to larger and more sophisticated teams as well."


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