April 26, 2007

New PowerPC Product Kit Available in Latest AXIGEN

AXIGEN Team writes "Bucharest, April 25, 2007 – AXIGEN (http://www.axigen.com), the professional messaging solution vendor, announced today the commercial release of a new version, AXIGEN 3.0.1.

In a constant effort to develop a stable and feasible product addressed to Service Providers (ISP, ASP, HSP) all over the world, and based on its powerful multi-platform architecture, which allows portability on various platforms, version 3.0.1. of AXIGEN was launched today, only a month away from the previous release.

A premiere for AXIGEN Mail Server, this new version includes a beta product dedicated to PowerPC architectures. The Power architecture is the architecture of choice for embedded applications and is often employed by IBM on their server offerings for large businesses.

“The decision to start developing a PowerPC product is the natural evolution of our business partnership with IBM. The Power Architecture Technology represents a well balanced combination of development efficiency and innovation. Due to its flexibility and scalability, we are certain we will be able to provide our customers with a superior solution, continuously adapted to their needs and ready to respond to their every requirement,” stated Oana Bornaz, AXIGEN CEO.

With the new version, AXIGEN maintains the service provider focus line of its products, trying to reach users from various cultures and countries. Thus, the WebMail interface of version 3.0.1 is now available in three more languages: Czech, Polish, and Russian.

A young and talented team of professionals with 15 years of experience in technology research and software security, embarked in 2003 on a new and challenging project, under the brand name AXIGEN.

AXIGEN Mail Server is a fast, reliable and secure internet messaging solution, offering the power and sturdiness of a carrier class mail server. The first commercial version of AXIGEN for all major Linux distributions was unveiled at LinuxWorld Expo, in London, in September 2005. One year after the official launch, AXIGEN has already concluded business agreements with more than 60 domestic and international partners from countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands and Romania and manages e-mail traffic for approximately 500,000 mailboxes worldwide.

AXIGEN smoothly integrates SMTP/POP/IMAP and WebMail, offering unique configurability and security that allow system administrators to have full control of the email traffic. Our mission is to help AXIGEN users and partners worldwide to build trust in our products, as well as in our business relationships."

Link: axigen.com

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