January 31, 2003

New RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers Ported to BSDI

RAV Press Center writes "Many computer users may wonder why a virus name reads as is does. The common "@mm" ending, for example, is the generic tag attached by antivirus researchers to mass mailing worms (i.e. Klez). Mass mailing worms are primarily designed to attack mail servers."

In the age of Internet communications, the mere system√Ęs vulnerability level is irrelevant; whether running UNIX or Windows or Mac OS, all machines are equally vulnerable when facing the threat of a mail server epidemic.
The only solution is an advanced antivirus program for mail servers.

New RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers 8.4.1 (http://www.ravantivirus.com/pages/isp.php) provides mail servers with a full range of the latest generation protection and security features. These features can be easily managed and configured using WebConfig 2.0, a web-based console freely available with the product.
Due to engine portability, new products can be developed very rapidly, quickening response time and meeting customers' virus protection needs. Engine portability also enables the product to function with nine different operating systems, ten mail transfer agents and on four hardware platforms. Another competitive characteristic of RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers is its wide range of features that go beyond simple antivirus protection. For example, the antispam module integrates static White or Black lists, a real time dynamic Blackhole list and a multiple level antispam monitor. On top of being the ultimate weapon against bulk mail, all these sub-modules and the other components of RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers are scalable, and can be configured from scratch.

In the event of a virus outbreak, a cutting edge technology known as "triggered updates" reduces the risk of infection to the bare minimum. RAV users simply subscribe to updates-l-subscribe@lists.ravantivirus.com and customizable warning mails can be sent to the sender, receiver and system administrator, according to the specified settings.

About RAV AntiVirus

RAV AntiVirus is a reliable, proprietary anti-virus engine distributed in over 130 countries on all continents. The RAV family also includes RAV AntiVirus Desktop, RAV AntiVirus for File Servers and RAV AntiVirus MailFilter. All RAV products use the proprietary total platform independent RAV engine, which now detects 77,000 virus signatures.

Liana Oprea
PR Executive, GeCAD Software - RAV Division
Telephone: +40-21-3217803

Link: http://www.ravantivirus.com

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