May 19, 2003

New reference design supports ARM7TDMI, uClinux device design

James Hsu writes "WISCORE Inc. (Taipei, Taiwan) announced a new reference design based on an ARM7TDMI system-on-chip processor and embedded Linux technologies. Wiscore said its NET-Start! Lite Evaluation Kit is useful for developing Internet-enabled devices such as residential gateways and Internet appliances, or for instructional purposes.

The kit comes with a single-board computer based on a Conexant CX84200 ARM7TDMI CPU plus 8MB RAM, 2MB Flash, 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports (a total of five onboard RJ-45 connectors), 2 RS-232 serial ports, JTAG port, real time clock, watchdog timer, 7-segment display, programmable LEDs, DIP switch inputs, and push buttons.

Royalty-free uClinux 2.0.38 comes preinstalled on the board, and the software provided also includes: uClibc; system, networking, and serial transfer utilities; a webserver; and TELNET, THCP, and FTP clients. The kit also includes cables, power supply, software CDROM, and manual."


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