January 24, 2006

New release candidate of eXo Portal and ECM

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "The eXo Platform team just released two new RCs of its new v2 Product Line:
  - eXo Portal 1.1 RC5: includes several bug fixes mainly on the LDAP and organization service, new deployment build and continuous integration with maven2 and continuum.
  - eXo ECM 1.0 RC2: comes with many bug fixes in the ECM admin as well as some new features such as a ticketing service and UI to share documents.

  As usually, the software can be downloaded at the ObjectWeb Forge:
  http://forge.objectweb.org/project/showfiles.php?g roup_id=151

  eXo Platform is one of the first Open Source portal that has been certified JSR 168. It allows developers to build composite web applications using for instance Portlets and Java Server Faces technologies. This new version includes a lot of improvements such as:
  - an advanced authentification service that can rely on LDAP servers
  - a new template service on top of JSF renderers
  - a database service based on Hibernate 3 that can be used on a large variety of databases
  - a chart service based on JFreeChart
  - a document reader service that can transform binary file with a supported MimeType to a text.
  - a security service has been improved to support SSO.

  The eXo Platform team is working on new applications such as:
  - the eXo Enterprise Content Management based on top of Java Content Repository (JSR 170).
  - the eXo Business Intelligence, an enhanced integration of the ObjectWeb project, SpagoBI: http://spagobi.objectweb.org/
  - the eXo Groupware, it provides collaboration tools such as forum, webmail, shared calendar or wiki (based on ObjectWeb's XWiki: http://xwiki.objectweb.org/

  eXo Platform can run on any J2EE application server such as the ObjectWeb J2EE implementation, JOnAS available at: http://jonas.objectweb.org/

  The contributors have also published 2 articles about eXo Platform on The Server Side:
  - Introduction to eXo Platform 2: http://www.theserverside.com/articles/article.tss? l=eXoPlatform
  - Focus on JCR, ECM, Groupware and Business Intelligence features: http://www.theserverside.com/articles/article.tss? l=eXoPlatform2

  More information at: http://www.objectweb.org/"

Link: ObjectWeb.org

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