December 8, 2000

New release of MetaDot Portal Server

Author: JT Smith

Newsforge reader MetaDot writes to tell us that release version 2.5.2 of the MetaDot portal server is now available.Threaded Discussion Board - The discussion board now has the capability of sorting by date and displaying messages in a threaded view.
Special Thanks to a Loyal Fan and Contributor: Rizen (

Gizmo Plugable Architecture - The Gizmo architecture is now designed so that new Gizmos can be built and dropped into the Gizmo directory for addition to the My Page tool menus.

Object Oriented - The name says it all! Once you upgrade, be sure to install the daemon or else....

Debug Message Improvement - Debug message logging can now be redirected to a log file by enabling the commented out log file reference. Debug info will not appear in the HTML, but will appear in the debug log file.

Download it here.


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