March 17, 2004

New Russian-made 64bit CPU linux tested

Luis Villa writes "In late February 2004 ZAO MCST delivered samples of the first Russian-made microprocessor "MCST R-500" with a feature size 0.13 micron, clock frequency 450-500MHz and power consumption less than 1W.

The samples are fully functional, their functionality having been tested on "Elbrus 90-micro" under Solaris OS, Linux OS and on a great number of applications.

"Elbrus 90-micro" computer systems with "MCST R-500" microprocessors are scheduled to ship in the second half of 2004.

At present, MCST is implementing a full custom design of the SPARC-compatible microprocessor "MCST-R" with a feature size 0.13µ and clock frequency 1000MHz.



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