September 18, 2003

New search engine for Linux software packages in Debian

Users of Debian-based Linux distributions can now benefit from a new
search engine for software packages in Debian format (.deb). The search
engine now indexes Debian Linux software packages as well. is the largest search engine for Linux rpm packages and one
of the largest web directories for Linux software in general. It covers
software for all popular rpm-based Linux distributions as well as
numerous free software archives.

The search facilities have now been expanded to additional package
types. now additionally indexes Debian packages of the
Debian distribution as well as numerous software archives that provide
other Debian packages.

Further, site functionality has been continously expanded over the last
months. For example, by using the "extended seek" facility, searches can
be more exactly specified. Within the "my rpmseek" area, a
personalization of the portal is now also possible. A new discussion
board has recently been added to help answer questions on the Linux
operating system.

Additional Debian-based distributions will be added to the index
shortly. An extension of the search facilities to tar archives is
scheduled as well.

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