June 11, 2003

New Services Takes the Pain Out of Small Business

BITSWW writes "ROUND ROCK, TX – 6/10/03 – Business IT Solutions World Wide, LLC announced today the commercial launch of its WebtopPro (www.WebtopPro.com) service. WebtopPro provides secure file storage, a desktop interface, and an array of standard applications for a monthly fee as low as one hundred dollars (five concurrent users, without the extended service plan). Employees can log in from any computer with a recent web browser and a high speed internet connection – accessing their vital documents and applications whether they are in the office, at home, or on the road.

on the company's experience with PersonalWebtop (www.PersonalWebtop.com),
providing hosted desktop services to individuals since January
of this year, BITSWW created WebtopPro with the five to fifty
employee business in mind. “Our target customers are those
businesses large enough to require a company network, but too
small to afford a full time IT staff,” says COO Brendan

service simplifies company IT demands, allowing the company
IT consultant or administrator to focus on keeping the computer
and network hardware running smoothly. While other ASP (Application
Service Provider) platforms such as Citrix offer similar remote
access capabilities, WebtopPro is unique in requiring no software
installation, and offering a comprehensive suite of standard
applications backed with personal support.

WebtopPro accounts provide automatic data backups, free software
upgrades, security, and basic applications support. For an additional
monthly fee, customers can sign up for the extended service
plan and be assigned an individual technical support technician
to help answer questions, configure the webtop and solve tech
support issues.

utilizes Linux vServer technology to offer the maximum degree
of security and customization. The suite of standard applications
includes OpenOffice (MS Office compatible suite including word
processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications), Ximian's
Evolution (email, calendaring, contact management) and GNUCash
(accounting package). Customers with the extended service plan
can also add additional applications, including many Windows

the end of the day,” says Hodge. “This is all about
service. The webtop architecture allows us to offer the kind
of comprehensive support that makes your computer an asset,
not a liability. We take care of your computers, so that you
can take care of your business.”

The company website for Business IT Solutions World Wide resides
at www.bitsww.com."

Link: webtoppro.com

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