February 15, 2002

New software brings user-friendly data encryption to home and office PCs

Author: JT Smith

Marcin Kurzawa writes "Toronto, Canada February 13, 2002: Today, Marcin Kurzawa, President and CEO of The CryptoHeaven Development Team, presents the companys namesake software setting the industry standard in user-friendly data encryption.

In this era of increased security, people look to introduce additional safety into their lives. We see it at airports, sporting events, at work and even at home. However, one gate frequently left unguarded against invasion is right inside their home and office their personal computer. With this need for business and home PC security in mind, the creative forces of The CryptoHeaven Design Team developed and perfected encryption software ideal for consumer use.

We conduct so many modern conversations electronically, especially as e-mail replaces postal mail for most Americans. These private exchanges often involve personal or important business information, yet they are at the mercy of monitoring by government agencies, IT companies and system administrators.

Until recently, if anyone wanted to violate the privacy of ordinary citizens, they needed to employ expense and labor to intercept and interpret postal mail or phone calls. Now, e-mail is routinely and automatically scanned for interesting keywords on a vast scale without detection.

CryptoHeaven protects you from such violation. The software is a hassle-free system that prevents third parties (including on-line system administrators) from gaining access to the text version of transmitted information. The software stores the users Information in encrypted form on server space personalized by the client. Once CryptoHeaven quickly locks that data safely, only the sender and the recipient possess the keys to gain access. Even if an unwelcome visitor (such as a hacker) possesses all transmissions made between different clients and all data stored on the server, he or she will never access the plain text information.

In addition to storing and protecting data, CryptoHeaven offers such online, secure and fully encrypted services as file sharing and distribution. Users receive free, secure e-mail service with instant messaging and chatting. For a fee, premium users enjoy extended service options. All of these services integrate into a single, simple user interface with automatic security key and contact management.

Using only the finest in cryptography, CryptoHeaven constructs an impenetrable wall with an AES symmetric Rijndael cipher with 256 bit symmetric key, public-key cryptography using 2048-4096 bit asymmetric keys and SHA-256 message digest function. The CryptoHeaven Team guarantees that this revolutionary software will leave your transmissions free from any type of snooping, including the prying eyes of government authorities. For their further protection, users need not give CryptoHeaven any of their personal information, including names, addresses, phone numbers or credit card numbers when they sign up for service.

CryptoHeaven also allows its users to create their own on-line communities. They can then invite their friends to exchange instant messages or share files in utmost privacy not offered by any other instant messaging software such as AOL Instant Messenger or Yahoo. Users can decide who has permission to view their files, barring anyone else from gaining unwanted access to their data. CryptoHeaven manages the users public keys securely, allowing CryptoHeaven clients to communicate within the protected system. The software simply offers a degree of security and anonymity that far exceeds that of any web-based system.

CryptoHeaven is a service of The CryptoHeaven Development Team; an Internet privacy and security group with secure data center servers located in Toronto, Canada. The teams philosophy and passion is offering outstanding service, excellent user support and competitive prices. CryptoHeaven stands behind their products, providing free technical support to all its clients.

Before heading up CryptoHeaven, President and CEO Kurzawa won top prize in the HeadStart competition sponsored by the IBM subsidiary, Footprint Software of Toronto and IBM's Toronto lab. After working for IBM to develop database systems, he served as chief designer and project lead for the CryptoHeaven client and server software and system architecture. He overlooked all aspects of database design, technology choices, systems interactions and implementation.

As the only secure online system integrating secure email, secure group instant messaging, secure online file storage & secure multi-party file sharing, CryptoHeaven promises to revolutionize data security and on-line encryption.

Though wise, security conscious computer users will find this software invaluable, Kurzawa and the CryptoHeaven Team offers the software to the public as a free download. They welcome users to discover the strength and security of their unparalleled cryptographic system today. Kurzawa and company hope to make cyberspace a safer place accelerating wide spread use of high-grade cryptography software.

To prove the strength of their groundbreaking software, Kurzawa and the CryptoHeaven Team invite users to try CryptoChallenge #1. They are so confident that the CryptoHeaven system is unbeatable, well designed and finely implemented that The CryptoHeaven Team offers $10,000 to anyone that can crack the encrypted session information contained in the CryptoHeaven log file.

If you feel like tackling the challenge, send e-mail to: cryptochallenge@cryptoheaven.com for complete instructions. The CryptoHeaven team will administer and oversee this challenge. The challenge expires on May 31, 2002.

CryptoHeaven is available for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X and Unix. It is distributed without restrictions upon its further dissemination. For more information, or to download your secure on-line future, visit: www.CryptoHeaven.com.


CryptoHeaven Development Team
Attn: Marcin Kurzawa
5-2325 Hurontario Street
Mississauga, ON
E-mail: marcin@cryptoheaven.com
Website: http://www.cryptoheaven.com


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