September 10, 2001

New foundries: Tools for software collaboration

Author: JT Smith

johnmark writes, What are foundries? A foundry is all about collaboration. This is the place where the lessons learned from years of Open Source development come together. Foundries enhance collaborative software development. How they accomplish this is simple: build software development sites on the web around specific technologies, such as object-oriented programming, storage, printing, Linux drivers, or distributed computing. The idea is that if you provide a gathering point for developers who share common interests, then better collaboration, and consequently better software, will be the result.

Community Building

Communities are about enabling interaction, and foundries are a place for software developers to interact on the web. We have taken the best of interactive discussion websites and applied it to software foundries. On the new foundries you can post news or original articles; comment on the works of others; find help in our discussion forums; and in general keep up to date with all the latest happenings in a specific area of interest. Keeping in touch with fellow developers working on similar projects can have a very positive effect on collaboration, not to mention the speed at which your project can progress.

Visit our newest foundries:
Distributed Computing (XML-RPC, Mono, etc.)

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