September 15, 2006

New storage standard on the horizon

Anonymous Reader writes "eXtensible Access Method (or XAM) is an application to storage interface which empowers meta-data to instrument the automation of information-based management. This new interface will give applications a standard interface and metadata to communicate with object storage devices such as those characterized as "Fixed Content Aware Storage" to achieve interoperability, storage transparency, and automation for ILM-based practices, long term records retention, and information assurance (security).

Here are 2 articles about the emerging standard: torage-standard.html wsID=5710

And you can learn more about the XAM-interface and how to participate in the development efforts within SNIA:

There is also a vendor neutral community - - dedicated to educating the market about CAS technologies, business issues and updates on standards activities as they relate to fixed content and CAS storage systems."


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