October 28, 2002

New system administration automation tool for Linux

Sysbotz writes: Sysbotz announces new system administration automation service for Linux, Pushchange.

The Sysbotz Pushchange service is an automation tool that allows you to distribute software changes to a group of computers via a single management console. This eliminates the need for System Administrator to manually go to each Linux box and make the change. Software upgrades or software configuration changes can take minutes instead of days, saving tons of man-hours. In addition, new changes are duplicated perfectly eliminating problems in a constantly changing computer environment.

IT Savings
Configuration Changes that use to require manual intervention can now be done automatically and can be uninstalled just as easily via the Pushchange Management Console. Time savings are obvious, consider one example of a software upgrade project needed to be done on 200 servers. The task takes 30 minutes for one System Administrator to accomplish on each machine and 100 hours of time to do on 200 servers. That same System Administrator could accomplish the same upgrade in 30 minutes of his time via Pushchange.

IT Cost savings are linear as you add nodes since your making one change in one spot and duplicating it everywhere, so IT savings will grow as your networks grows.

Reliability and Security
Pushchange virtually eliminates problems related to minor mistakes in software changes by duplicating new changes perfectly. Resulting in less problems and smoother overall network operation. In addition, Security problems have been linked to the overall complexity of Administration today. Simple little configuration mistakes made on a single machine could provide the weak link in the chain for hackers to attack. Pushchange provides another measure of protection from this problem by uniformity.

The service is available now via the www.sysbotz.com web-site. You can sign up right online for a monthly subscription based on size of network.

+ Computer loaded with RH 6.2+, SuSE 6.4+, or most modern Linux distributions
+ NFS Server Share Point (Accessible to all Clients)
+ Netscape 4+ or IE 4+ Web browser

URL: Sysbotz.com"

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