June 21, 2005

New System Backup Administrator v5.2

Gerry Fallon writes "San Diego – June 20, 2005 -- Storix announced today the release of System Backup Administrator (SBA) Version 5.2. As the premier Linux and AIX backup and disaster recovery software solution, Storix SBA provides centralized management of system level and data backup for one system, or the entire network, and includes the most complete and flexible bare-metal recovery capabilities available today. Storix SBA v5.2 now provides optional 128/192/256-bit Backup Data Encryption and backup/restore features for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X systems, under a new licensing schema.

“The addition of Windows and OS X support will allow us to greatly expand our customer’s data backup and restore capability. We’ve had many requests for these utilities in the past and with this new addition we can address those data protection needs directly”, explained Anthony Johnson, president of Storix, adding, “And since Storix SBA supports backup of Linux, AIX, Windows, and OS X, our customers can now perform all of their data backup responsibilities with a single application”. Mr. Johnson continued, “The optional Backup Data Encryption feature, which meets stringent AES requirements, further protects the customer’s data. And coupling Backup Data Encryption with our existing Overwrite and Retention Policy functionality will broaden our customer’s ability to comply with governmental regulations”.

Storix SBA 5.2 includes a host of new included features such as, User Access Rights Management, Multiple Boot Loader Support for x86/Linux, significant performance enhancements, added tape library configuration options and creation of multiple Exclude Lists that can be assigned to different backup jobs and/or clients.

Storix SBA excels in its unique abilities to accomplish remote or local, “bare-metal” restorations of Linux and AIX systems. Not a typical image restore, Storix SBA provides an Installation/Recovery Interface, which provides the user with the flexibility to recover an existing system, or reconfigure the OS to operate on a different hardware configuration, while supporting LVM, software RAID, and various filesystem types. The Installation/Recovery Interface can also be used to migrate a healthy system to a new hardware configuration, or to provision new systems. These features significantly reduce both planned and unplanned downtime and the resulting downtime associated costs. Storix SBA has the only Installation/Recovery functionality that is this complete and flexible.

About Storix

Storix, Inc., founded in 1998, developed a system backup and disaster recovery solution for AIX, and expanded its product to support Linux in July of 2002. Storix is firmly committed to providing its customer base products with the most flexible and complete full-system backup and recovery solution. Storix SBA is available worldwide through a series of resellers and distributors, or direct at www.storix.com.

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