January 25, 2005

A new technology to work with java and javascript

Guest writes "
Seppia: a new open source technology to build applications with java and javascript is now available.

Recent years have seen the proliferation of many scripting languages for java: rhino (javascript 1.5), jython, beanshell, groovy to name but a few.
But while each scripting language has been fighting to prove it has just that extra feature to make it better than its rivals, developers have been left on the trenches trying to work out on their own best practices on when and how to use them.
What they really needed was a framework with clear rules on how the interaction between scripts and code works which encorauges modular design and leads to well-crafted products.

Seppia was envisioned to address this need.

Seppia will challenge the way you think of component based software."

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