New Top500 Announced Today at ISC

Article Source insideHPC
June 23, 2009, 6:00 am

The June edition of the Top500 list is in the wild as of today; you can check it out at As you know we don’t spend too much time on the list here at insideHPC. I don’t object to the list itself, but I do believe that it has been allowed far too much importance in our community — I’ve worked with Congressmen and high-ranking government officials and corporate types, so yes I understand it’s utility in that regard, but that isn’t an excuse for us to allow the shorthand to replace real thinking.

Some things I noted in the new list:

The two systems from Germany ‚Äî the upgraded JUGENE, scoring 825 TFLOPS at number 3 and JUROPA, scoring 245 TFLOPS at number 10 ‚Äî are the only non-US systems in the Top10. The second 10 are a little more diverse, with five more systems (from Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, France, and China) rounding out the Top20…

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