December 15, 2005

New version of Citadel includes AJAX-based WebMail

Art Cancro writes "When it comes to open source groupware, volunteer-developed Citadel is "the little project that could." If you haven't checked it out, you will be astonished with what it can do. Version 6.40 of WebCit, the web-based front end to the Citadel system, was released today, bringing with it new features such as a powerful AJAX-based WebMail system, including drag-and-drop and rich text editing. And as always, the system supports real time chat, instant messaging, calendar/scheduling, address books, task lists, and bulletin boards.

There is now a Flash SWF demo of WebCit on the project web site. If you are looking for open source groupware, you owe it to yourself to check this out."


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