February 22, 2001

New version of Crystal Space Open Source 3D engine

Author: JT Smith

Jorrit Tyberghein writes "Here is another release of Crystal Space. This is 0.18r001.
This release is a stability release but of course we didn't forget the
new features :-) Lots of problems were reported
with 0.17r002 (especially on Windows). This release has been tested much
better on GNU/Linux and Windows and I'm fairly confident about the stability.
There are also various new features. Some highlights:"
3D sprites, 2D sprites, and particle systems have been removed from
the engine and are now available as plugins. This greatly improves
modularity of the engine and it also allows external applications to
define their own plugins. With the following release of CS this trend
will continue as more and more of the engine will be placed in plugins
(more on this later).
CS supports hierarchical transformations using the plugin objects
Support for 'regions' in the engine. Using this new concept it will
be easier to dynamically load and unload big worlds in memory.
There is a new csfx library which contains standard procedural textures
for fire, plasma, water, and a procedurally generated sky box. In
addition it contains an animated 2D texture.
In contrast with 0.17 release the Python plugin is now actually working.
Some work on fonts. There is a small font editor included and a utility
to convert TrueType fonts to CS format.
Sound has largely been rewritten and works fine now.
CSWS (the CS Window System) has many new features like color schemes,
themes, transparent windows, layout manager, ...
New plugin for playing AVI/MPEG videos on textures.

CS has been tested and is known to work correctly on the following
Linux (but beware of compiler bugs in compiler shipped with RedHat 7).
Windows (both with Visual C++ and MingW free compiler).

CS will *probably* work on the following platforms but it hasn't been
tested there recently:

Check out the Crystal Space site for more information."

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