November 10, 2004

New version of db.* coming soon

Daniel writes "Bellevue WA â Nov. 8, 2004 â Demonstrating the strength of the open-source development paradigm, the new release of db.* is on-track for a Q4 2004 launch date. The next release of db.* incorporates functionality improvements, bug fixes and suggestions and code from Club ITTIA members to further improve this already-strong open-source database. ITTIA is also offering db.* test suites to Club ITTIA members.

db.* is an open-source embedded database with zero runtime or development fees. It is fast, has a small footprint, and requires no administration. The code has been used in thousands of applications: from telecommunications and real-time industrial control systems to consumer devices. It is available for free on the ITTIA website, and is licensed for use with any open-source operating system. Professional technical support and consulting are available as well.

Linux is by far the more popular OS for those using db.*; at least Linux users are the most vocal ones. When db.* was first released. it was tested on all of the current Linux releases available: Debian, Mandrake, SuSE, Red Hat, Hard Hat (MontaVista), Caldera and others. Since then, it has successfully been built and run on FreeBSD 4.5, SuSE 8.2 and all versions of Red Hat from 7.1 through 9.0. The GNU compliers 2.95 through 3.3.1 have been used to build the package without any modifications to make files or source on Linux platforms.

Included in the package is an example database that has been used in the past to benchmark against other databases. The benchmark comes in two flavors, one is a network model and the other is a relational model. Since performance is highly dependent on database design and the performance of the storage device (disk or memory), meaningful benchmarks will need to be customized to the target environment. ITTIA offers experts who can execute benchmark testing for Club ITTIA members.

This new release demonstrates ITTIAâs commitment to db.* and the open-source development model. ITTIA understands that the only secure system is an open system, and shares that security with Club ITTIA members.

ITTIA is also updating and simplifying the Club ITTIA online community as a part of its commitment to bring embedded developers together. The new site is easier to navigate and makes it easier to obtain and post information. In addition, it is opening up the opportunity for partners and various related organizations to promote their products and services to the world of embedded developers.

The combination of the new look and feel for Club ITTIA and this release of db.* with the new test suite will add to the already-growing momentum of db.* for embedded development. Already, top companies like European telecommunications giant Marconi have joined the professional community at Club ITTIA.

âNo other database comes close to the versatility, speed, small size or cost-effectiveness of db.*, and the new release is even better,â said Sasan Montessori, ITTIA President. âAnd with the improvements to Club ITTIA, ITTIA is positioned to fundamentally change the way embedded applicationsâ databases are approached. Development will have lower total costs and more efficiency.â

More information about Club ITTIA is available at More information about db.* is at ITTIA is also looking for beta testers for future releases of db.*. Contact ITTIA at"


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