October 18, 2007

New Version of Zenoss' Open Source IT Management Software Delivers Network Visualization & Java Application Management

Author: JT Smith

Latest Release includes Network Visualization, J2EE Application Management and Personalized Dashboards

ANNAPOLIS, MD, October 17, 2007 - Zenoss Inc., a leading open source IT management software provider, today released version 2.1 of Zenoss Core, the most popular open source IT management software product on Sourceforge.net. The new version extends both its network management and application management capabilities with first-of-its-kind network visualization features and native management of Java-based applications. Zenoss Core 2.1 also adds advanced graphing capabilities and personalized dashboards. Zenoss Core enables organizations of all sizes to access an affordable, powerful and integrated IT management solution.

"Zenoss Core 2.1 addresses key issues facing IT administrators - visualization of distributed IT environments and management of Java-based applications," said Erik Dahl, CTO and founder of the Zenoss Core project. "We also made it even easier to build your own personal views and dashboards. We extend our appreciation to our community for all the input and assistance they provided for this release."

This version adds a Google Maps mashup, a network topology map, Java application management, powerful graphing capabilities and an Ajax-based drag and drop dashboard.

The Google Maps feature, which provides a display of real-time status data for geographically separate IT centers and the WAN connections between them, is one of several innovative features being added to Zenoss Core, the company's award-winning open source IT management product.

Google Maps Mashup
Mapping of actual locations and the connections between them
Link status visualization allowing WAN failures to be detected quickly
One-click drill-down to show detailed status information for any location

Level 3 Network Topology Map
Interactive exploration of Zenoss' auto-discovered network topology
Status information integrated with the map, allowing failures to be located quickly
Direct drill-down into device detail from the map

Native JMX J2EE performance monitoring
Agentless monitoring of all J2EE servers using Java's remote JMX protocol
Fully integrated data with all core Zenoss performance monitoring systems, including graphs and thresholds

Fully customizable drag and drop dashboard
Drag and drop dashboard, leveraging the use of portlets to provide a custom system view
Ajaxified dashboard, providing a custom overview on a per user basis
Available portlet library, providing views of status information, such as the Google Maps mashup, critical device issues, business impact, and more

Advanced reporting
Fine-grained control over performance graph creation and appearance
Powerful graphical visualization, supporting reports with multiple devices or component data on a single graph
Custom reports using a friendly graphical user interface
For more information on Zenoss Core 2.1 please visit http://www.zenoss.com/zenoss-core-2-1.

About Zenoss, Inc.
Zenoss, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Annapolis, MD. Zenoss (www.zenoss.com) offers a complete network monitoring and systems management platform that discovers networked IT resources, monitors them for performance and availability, and tracks changes through a configuration management database (CMDB). Zenoss offers enterprise-grade support, services, and commercial add-ons through its Enterprise Subscription. One of the ten most active projects on SourceForge.Net, Zenoss software has been downloaded over 250,000 times in 2007, and is used in government, education, and some of the world's largest corporations. Zenoss is winner of Network World's Clear Choice Award, Enterprise Open Source Magazine Readers' Choice Award, and a nominee for Best Technical Design in the SourceForge 2007 Community Choice Awards. Download Zenoss Core free at www.zenoss.com/dl/.

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Tony Keller


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